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Because Sofort is one of Europe's most popular payment methods, Casino transactions can be safe, fast and cheap. More than 25,000 online service providers are currently accepting Sofort, including many web and mobile casinos. This e-payment mechanism is currently accessible in the Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. Unfortunately, it now offers no services outside of Europe, but we hope that this will change in the future.

In this article you will discover how you can deposit and withdraw money at Sofort Online casinos, as well as all the benefits that this service offers. Apart from that, we will inform you about the many types of bonus offers that are offered on Sofort-Gaming Sites. You will discover how crucial it is to read the bonus conditions to find out more about the deployment requirements and other limitations that may apply.

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What is immediately?

Sofort, an organization established in Germany, which was founded more than 15 years ago, has a long history in offering money transfers to its European customers, including internet gamblers.

In addition to the Australia, Sofort is currently being accepted as an online payment option in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary and Slovakia.

Sofort is not a prepaid card or electronic wallet. It is more a channel between your bank and a sofort casino online AUD. When comparing Sofort with other online payment options, the Visa Electron card comes out as the best. However, it must be emphasized that the use of Sofort to make a down payment is much cheaper than using a credit card.

Apart from the extremely low costs, what makes playing at Sofort-accompanying online casinos so attractive, the fact that this service meets strict safety requirements while processing your game transactions. When you make a deposit with a Sofort-Casino, you must enter a unique transaction authorization number (TAN) that is provided to you as confirmation of your money transfer.

It is also worth noting that online gamblers who use Sofort have the possibility to easily check their play transactions by having a clear picture of how much money they have placed so that they can prevent too high expenses.

Below we will discuss in detail how you can make deposits and record your profit at a Sofort Online Casino.

How to deposit with a Sofort casino?

Click on the Deposit button
Choose Landing Method
Determine the amount of the down payment
Click on depositing
Enjoy casino games

With Sofort casinos you can make a deposit in a very simple and simple way. To begin with, go to the cashier page of your Sofort Casino and select this payment method from the list of available alternatives. You will then be led to the Sofort configuration page, where you have to fill in a form with the amount that you want to transfer and your bank details.

Your bank gives you a pin code and a one-time TAN code, which you must enter to confirm your transaction. Your money will be deposited on your game account within 30 to 40 seconds.

The casino operator will be the next time you have a Immediate storting does not ask for your pin code. You only have to enter the TAN code that your bank will send you. In general, it must be acknowledged that the two-step verification system of this payment service protects its customers against a wide range of potential fraud and theft.

As you can see, when using Sofort you do not have to fill in registration requirements on the website of the service provider. To say it differently, you don't have to create a new Sofort account and you can immediately start making casino deposits. However, if you want to use this payment method to carry out casino transactions, you must have an account with one of the banks that supports this.

It goes without saying that your personal data is stored safely at casinos that accept Sofort. As a result, online casinos, when you make deposits at Sofort, will never find out anything about your bank details, because this service only announces the amount of money that must be transferred to third parties. As a result, you can play anonymously on gambling sites that accept this payment method.

The minimum amount that you can deposit at Sofort is AUD$ 10, while the maximum amount that you can deposit is determined by both your gambling provider and your bank can set those limits.

Sofort will not charge you any costs when you make a deposit with a webcasino. However, your online gaming operator can charge you an extra reimbursement if you use this payment method to carry out money transactions.

Sofort is a safe and fast way to deposit money at an online casino for people who enjoy playing there. In the sections below we will continue to accept which casinos Sofort accept for deposits in the various European countries where this payment option is available.

How to withdraw money at a Sofort Casino?

It is possible to withdraw money with this payment method at a Sofort Casino, but you need to request the customer service of your game provider for this. If you find a casino that accepts Sofort recordings, it means that you can complete all your game transactions with just one payment method, which is very simple.

Recording procedures are usually comparable to deposit procedures. You go to the checkout page of your gaming website and choose Sofort from the list of payment options. Your money will be sent immediately to your bank account because you have given up your bank details while performing the transaction. With Sofort your recording time will be almost zero, because it is one of the few payment options that you can use to record your profits immediately.

Casino Bonussen immediately

Sofort Casino bonus offers of all types are often given to both new and returning online players. The main goal of the welcome bonuses of Sofort Online Casinos is to allow online gamblers to participate in their game platforms as quickly as possible.

No deposit bonuses, deposit match bonuses and free spins are all frequent incentives that are available at the welcome packages of Sofort Online Casinos. In addition, we inform you about the bonus offers available at Sofort Online Casinos, which are available for both loyal players and large players.

Deposit match bonus

Deposit match bonus

The most common free offer at Sofort Online Casino Platforms is a deposit match bonus. If you claim it, the amount of free money that is transferred to your GOK account by the online casino operator is determined by the first deposit you make.

If you deposit 100 euros at the Sofort Online Casino, which offers a 100% match bonus, you will receive another 100 euros for free on your game account. This kind of bonus can also be accompanied by a bet requirement at Sofort Online casinos. For example, if you see a match of 100% up to 100 euros, this means that your deposit will not be matched over that amount. In other words, if you invest 150 or 200 euros, you will receive the same 100 euros.

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonus

A bonus without deposit is one of the most popular promotional offers available at Sofort Online Casinos. In this situation you only have to register on the gambling operator's website that offers these types of incentives to get more money on your online casino account or to gain access to a certain number of free spins. In comparison with other types of promotions, bonuses without deposit at Sofort Online casinos are not that spectacular.

Refer-a-friend bonus

Refer-a-friend bonus

Although not as popular as it once was, reference-a-friend bonuses can still be offered at online casinos that allow Sofort as a payment option for game transactions. This type of incentive is available when you successfully recruit someone to become a member of the Sofort Online Casino platform, where you are already a member.

Regular bonuses are also available at Sofort Online Casinos for both dedicated players who have previously earned a VIP status as high rollers. Every online casino that Sofort used its own bonus program to seduce players who have been playing for a long time or have made a large deposit. In rare cases these can even be free tickets for sporting events or birthday gifts.

Remember that at an online casino a Sofort bonus can be awarded to players who use this safe payment option to do safe deposit transactions.

Although the welcome bonuses that are given by Sofort Online Casinos may seem very attractive, it is important to remember that they usually go with certain limitations. In most cases, the deployment requirements are described in the bonus conditions. If there is one, this means that before you can record your profits, you have to use a amount of money that can be many times more than what your Sofort Online Casino operator gives you.

Before choosing a seductive -looking offer at a Sofort Online Casino, read the general terms and conditions carefully.

Advantages of using Sofort as a deposit method

Sofort meets the strictest safety requirements in the processing of online money transfermentsYou must have an account with one of the banks that are part of the Sofort Banking Network to be able to use this service.
The costs charged by the Sofort game platforms are quite high.Some casino providers do not allow you to record your profits via Sofort Banking
You can make deposits and recordings at the top casinos of Sofort with the same online payment method.

As should be clear in the meantime, European web gamblers can benefit from a number of clear benefits while playing on Sofort Casino sites.

  • When handling online money transactions, Sofort adheres to the strictest safety requirements.
  • The costs charged by the Sofort game platforms are quite substantial.
  • You can make both deposits and recordings with the best Sofort casinos with the same online payment option.
  • When you use Sofort to transfer money to online game platforms, you do not have to go through registration procedures or create new accounts; With Sofort you get a clear picture of your casino spending.
  • The only disadvantage of this payment option is that it is only accessible in a few European countries.

Disadvantages of Sofort

As you can see, the disadvantages of Sofort Banking are scarce. The main disadvantage is that to be able to use the service you must have an account with one of the banks that are members of the Sofort Banking Network. If you are not allowed to use the payment service, you may be forced to look for other options, which can cause any nuisance.

Another disadvantage is that certain casino operators will not let your profit record with Sofort Banking, even if you have used the technique to deposit money on your casino account.

Alternatives to Sofort Casinos in the Australia

Despite the many benefits that Sofort Casinos offer, it might not be your thing. Then there are plenty of other options with the same level of safety and convenience. We will list some below.


IDEAL is a quick and safe payment mechanism for online shopping, gambling and other activities for which money must be sent or received. The iDEAL online payment mechanism connects directly to your bank account.

The approach is the same, whether you are in an e-commerce site or a casino and want to pay with iDeal. When you select Ideal on the site if you prefer to pay a payment method, you will be forwarded to the login page of your bank. Log in as you are used to and enter all the required information on the website of your bank. The money is deposited into the recipient's account immediately after the payment is confirmed. You will be sent back to the casino or the webshop after the process has been completed.

An online casino iDEAL payment, or any other transaction, has no transaction costs for the user.


Trustly is a simple tool for financial transactions with which you can make immediate bank payments and recordings on various e-commercial sites and online gambling platforms. Trustly Offers online gaming in both the Australia and 28 other European countries. You don't have to register another account to play your favorite online gambling games with the financial tool. As long as you have a working bank account, you can use Trustly to make safe payments or to request it via your mobile device or computer.


Klarna is a safe payment option that is also quick, clear and easy to use. The website carries out a microcredit check on the gambler when using Klarna Online Casino.

They send the payment to the shopkeeper, which speeds up the process. It also eliminates the need to release Klarna your information. A player must provide some basic information to play casino with the Klarna deposit method, such as their zip code, e-mail address, and so on. Choose from various alternatives, including bank transfers, credit cards and more, depending on the country.


Smart Payments Nordic Group introduced Zimpler in 2016, a fresh and creative solution. It is not an Ewallet, but rather a way to transfer money. That means that you don't have to withhold money there and that you can deposit money quickly at online casinos.

If you appreciate casinos, bets and Egames, Zimpler is the perfect match for you! Zimpler keeps track of all your transactions and let them sort them the way you want. After you have tried it, you can check how much you spend on your online gaming activities. If you do not like this figure, you can set your own limitations for your activities and have complete control over your expenses.


  • Do I get a welcome bonus at an online casino when I use Sofort?
    Yes, the welcome bonus depends on the amount that you deposit, not on the payment method that you choose.

  • What information is needed to register at Sofort?
    You need internet banking to use Sofort. You pay from your bank account.

  • Are deposits and recordings at Sofort Casino Direct?
    Deposits are processed almost immediately, but recordings can take a little longer if, for example, personal data do not match. These are usually solved within an hour.

  • Is it safe to use Sofort?
    Absolute. The system is similar to online banking as you know it. This means that your payments are always safe. To be sure, always check whether you see the final icon in your internet browser!