Responsible online gambling in the Australia; Avoid gambling problems

In 2016, research showed that more than 2000 people were being treated for a gambling addiction. However, research agency Intraval estimated the number of problem gamblers at no less than 79,000 and that is quite a few. People who have problems with online gambling can experience serious consequences, on a personal level and in the working atmosphere. That is why we are happy to pay attention to responsible gambling here, the possibilities to recognize and prevent a gambling addiction and explain where you can find help when you play excessively.

01. Avoid gambling addiction

Gambling addictions are a big problem. It is best to prevent gambling addiction and you can largely yourself. For example, by regularly pausing. Playing a small break of 10 minutes per hour ensures that you have a moment to the real world and are not just constantly in the gambling games. In addition, you can take longer breaks when you notice that you are playing a lot in the casino. Do you find it difficult to fill the time? Then look for a game that has nothing to do with gambling to have an alternative. For example, Facebook has numerous games that you can play.

The preparation of limits is also always a strong way to prevent gambling problems. There are two ways that are proven successful. The first is of course the setting of deposit limits. An amount per day, week or month. Nowadays you can simply set this in the better casinos on the website itself, so that you really can't deposit more money.

The second way is to set time limits. A certain number of hours per day, week or month. You can often set this in the casino itself. Setting an alarm clock is of course also a great way.

You can also exclude yourself from online gambling websites. A must when you are sensitive to addictions or have had problems limiting online playing in the past. You can undo this, but there will be time, so you have the time to think about whether it is wise that you are going to gamble.

So avoid gambling addiction by:

  • Limits in the field of time and money
  • Take breaks in between or a few days
  • Exclude yourself from online gambling
  • Viewing your gambling history on the basis of the deposits or losses you suffered while playing
02. Signs that indicate a gambling addiction

Not everyone knows about himself that he or she has a gambling problem. It always starts small and slowly builds up. Until the moment when you also start gambling during work, or in the evening you will stay up regularly until the late hours to play. Especially if nobody is there. How do you recognize a gambling problem? By looking at the following questions:

  • Do you not find out promises because you would rather be gambling?
  • Do you hide gambling in a way for the people you love?
  • Do you often play for hours in a row and do you miss work, sleep or other obligations?
  • Do you regularly increase your commitment to experiencing more tension in this way?
  • Have you ever tried to gamble less and did that not work?
  • Have you ever tried to make up for the losses by playing extra or increasing the bet?
  • Have you ever considered breaking the law or doing something morally reprehensible to be able to gamble extra?
  • Do you play to forget the "real" life?
  • Have you ever claimed to win money while you actually only lost money?
  • Do you suffer from mood swings when you cannot gamble?
  • Have you ever sold assets or borrowed money to play?

If you answer "yes" to one of the questions, there is a chance that you have a gambling problem. Of course it may also be that you recognize a neighbor in the above questions. If you have problems or someone in your area, then intervention is necessary. There are very few people who can get rid of an addiction themselves. It is in behavior and also has to do with the pleasant substances that are released to the brain. As a result, an addict will fall back on behavior in almost all cases, even when he or she realizes that it has disastrous consequences. This does not only apply to gambling addiction, it applies to almost all forms of addiction.

Do you not yet recognize yourself in trouble, but do you doubt some of the questions about the answer? Then it's time to intervene. You probably don't have any addiction, but this is coming when you continue in this way. Exclude yourself for a week of online gambling and see what happens. Are you going to play or do you notice that you suddenly have a short fuse, sleep poorly or get depressive thoughts? Then seek professional help to immediately curb the emerging gambling addiction.

Have you already built up an addiction and do you answer yes to most questions above? Then it is by definition wise to seek professional help immediately.

03. Where can you find help with problematic online gambling?
  • AGOG
  • Jellinek (online self -help)
  • All possible rehab clinics

There are plenty of online help and websites about gambling addictions. To get started yourself with combating your gambling addiction you need a big backbone, the required discipline. More people fail than succeed with this method. That is why we have also included "all possible rehab clinics" in the list.

If you find a good clinic, you pay a maximum of AUD$ 385 for rehab. That is the deductible in health insurance. The rest is fully reimbursed when you choose treatments in the Australia; This is because the health insurer is required by law. Do you choose treatment abroad, such as Portugal? Then extra costs can be added. In almost all cases you pay, among other things, the journey itself.

The low threshold ensures that everyone can use addiction care in the Australia. The professional staff ensures that you are treated in the right way and gives you more insight into the risks and reasons for gambling addiction.

Are you coming out of the clinic and do you notice after a few months that you get the urge to start gambling again? Then you your doctor. This will look at the situation and will, if necessary, send you again to a rehab clinic. The costs are reimbursed again by your health insurance policy.

Have you already filled in your deductible this year and do you choose addiction care in the Australia? Then all costs are completely covered and you have no reason not to use this. Ambulatory care is also possible if you do not have the opportunity to be absorbed in a clinic - for example, because you just have to keep working because you have your own company.

There is a solution for every addiction. Are you stuck? Then call in the doctor today. He looks at your situation and proposes a customized solution. The GP station is familiar with addictions and sends people daily who are courageous enough to get help.

04. You do responsibly online gambling yourself

The timely notice of addiction problems and excessive gambling in general are important factors to intervene on time. Do you play too much yourself or can someone in your nearby area be arranged in the online or offline casino? Then call in help. Addiction care is reimbursed in the Australia from the basic package, so that everyone has access. Don't wait too long, because the longer you wait, the harder it will be to easily treat the addiction - and the higher the debts or problems will increase in the meantime.