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Players at online and mobile casinos are treated to a huge choice. This also applies to financing your casino account. Nowadays, deposits have access to a wide range of options, from e-wallets to prepaid cards.

However, one method has proved more popular than the other. It is a deposit via an SMS casino.

As the name suggests, a pay by SMS casino accepts payments via SMS. Mobile gamblers can deposit money on their accounts using Premium SMS or similar methods on the phone.

The payment is then either:

• deducted from their existing balance to pay per use

• or added to the monthly telephone bill

The most useful thing about this is that almost all mobile network providers are compatible with telephone invoicing services. So it doesn't matter which mobile provider you are on. Read a lot more information about this super handy system here!

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What is it SMS deposit?

What it actually says, it is a deposit at the casino via the SMS. So you do this via your phone. Although it looks like an ideal solution for many players, it is a system that is not used by many players, and therefore not many casinos.

There are many ways to do a casino discount by telephone. The most popular option is the option to pay by telephone. However, other services such as Zimpler have also adjusted smartphone version for extra safety during transactions.

The most popular ways to deposit casinoceld via an SMS on gambling sites in the Australia are:


• Pay via mobile

• Pay for it

• chip

The good news is that all these payment services for telephone baginos work approximately the same way. They include verification by means of a Premium SMS message and raise money from the telephone bill.

What you should certainly take into account is that you cannot withdraw money in this way. So it is not a way to automatically pay your telephone bill. You still have to do this manually yourself. What is certainly not a superfluous luxury when using this method to forget.

How can you use SMS to deposit money?

Since network operators are not banks, they cannot pay you huge deposits for you before you pay them back. Every mobile network operator therefore adheres to a strict deposit limit. Boku, for example, allows you not to spend more than AUD$ 30 per day and Siru a maximum of AUD$ 240 per month.

The steps you have to take are very simple:

  • Go to the Bankpage of Your Online Casino
  • Choose a payment method via a Telephone Casino
  • Enter the amount to be deposited via the telephone bill (usually up to a maximum of AUD$ 30)
  • Type your cell phone number
  • Receive a verification code as SMS
  • Send the code to a specified number as a premium message
  • Receive an SMS with the confirmation of invoice data (with some methods)

The 6th step will ask your network provider to send the money to your casino account immediately. When you return to the lobby, the money should already be there, ready to be spent on mobile slots and table games.

Click on the Deposit button
Choose Landing Method
Determine the amount of the down payment
Click on depositing
Enjoy casino games

Why choose SMS deposit method in Online Casino?

You can have many reasons to opt for an SMS deposit in online casinos. We have listed the most common reasons for you here.

  • Some players have problems with the other possible payment methods. It is not possible to create an online account for the various online e-Wallets. Or it is not possible to pay with this payment method at the relevant casino SMS deposit. Then an SMS deposit can offer a solution.
  • It is very easy to use. You will receive an SMS on your phone and you only have to enter that code in the casino. In most cases, sending a simple message to a family member would be more difficult.
  • In addition, some casinos give special prices and bonuses if you deposit via the SMS. The advantage is that it is always immediately in their account for the casino. In addition, they are often not too large amounts, so there can sometimes be large bonuses.
  • Finally, it is also a good way to control you. There is a maximum monthly and daily amount of SMS deposits. This makes it harder to gamble yourself in trouble.

Rules for using SMS deposit

There are a number of things that you have to take into account at all times if you start depositing money at a casino. And also a number of things that you have to take into account in particular for SMS deposit.

Your phone balance must be positive

Before your casinos pay telephone you of course have two options, or you have a pre-pay telephone, or you have a monthly subscription. In the first case you can only deposit money if you already have this on your balance. Otherwise you get an error message. If you have a subscription Then it is a bit more complicated. Depending on your provider, there may be limitations on SMS deposits. In most cases you can adjust this yourself, in addition in most cases you cannot use this if you still have outstanding bills.

Read the terms and conditions of the casino

Each casino has its own general terms and conditions and therefore its own rules concerning SMS deposits. Some casinos do not even offer this. The general terms and conditions state, for example, how much you can and must deposit and what the conditions are for a possible bonus.

SMS payments is not possible in every country

Although the majority of people who read this probably live in the Australia, there are of course exceptions. In the Australia it should certainly not be a problem to pay in this way and generally not within the EU either. If you come out, however, it is wise to check this first.

Advantages to use an SMS deposit method

Payment by SMS is a quick and useful system where players do not have to register or log in. All players need a mobile number and the available credit if your phone pays for use. There are usually no service costs.

Another additional advantage of the online SMS system is that players do not have to share their bank or credit card details with the casino. This ensures a level of privacy that is a comfort for many.

Online SMS payments are completely safe and you do not have to register for an external payment service. Most deposit platforms have gambling and payments are processed offline.


You never have to share your bank details with the online casino. The only way your account can be hacked is because someone has your phone hacking. Nowadays phones have great coding and some even have a fingerprint ID and Facelock! There is also a deposit limit of AUD$ 30 per day, so that you can manage your expenses to the online casino by SMS and the balance that you add is usually added immediately to your casino account. This makes it a payment method that is incredibly safer than most methods you can find. And you don't have to worry about your data.

Without payment account

As we had already indicated above, you never have to share your bank details with the casino. This has the advantage that you do not need a payment account for this method at all. You also do not have to create complicated accounts.

This makes the ideal for the starting player who does not yet know how or what it can do in the online casino world. You do not have to pass on data yet and in this way you can put your toes in the water to see what you think. Or of course if you want to test a casino.


What's easier than simply entering your telephone number in a field and leaning the amount you want to deposit, and then get an SMS in which the amount and the fact that you want to deposit - and BAM, you're done! We have already mentioned how exactly you can do an SMS casino discount. Some mobile casinos also have special bonus offers and promotions - such as free spins or a welcome bonus, especially for people who deposit by SMS.

Just like when you pay by telephone, there is nothing more convenient than not even having to move to upgrade and deposit money!

There is no payment accountNo payouts

Disadvantages to use SMS deposit method

Users must be aware that some casinos charge a small transaction cost. Players cannot make recordings via SMS, so alternative payment systems must be arranged.

In the Australia, a maximum of AUD$ 30 per day for all casinos and deposit systems, and a monthly limit of AUD$ 240 applies to deposits via SMS. These limitations are in force because telephone companies can no longer offer credit and also to prevent players from becoming debts. Although this can be a wise measure, it limits the freedom of players. Some casino websites do not allow players who pay with SMS, claim the usual bonuses and promotions.

High Committees of Telephone Providers

Performing an SMS payment casino online can be useful and confidential, but there are a few disadvantages attached to it, and we are obliged to inform you of this. Firstly, most service providers set daily and monthly limits for deposits. Boku, for example, imposes a daily limit of AUD$ 30, while Siru has a daily limit of AUD$ 40 and a monthly limit of AUD$ 240. If you love games with a high bet, this disadvantage can bind your hands considerably when it comes to playing your favorite online gambling styles.

Money recordings

Although you can easily pay an SMS Casinos with Telefon, you can't really withdraw money from SMS casinos with an option for paying by telephone, which is difficult. The methods for recording your profit should be one of the other payment options, such as a transfer directly to your bank account or via an e-Wallet such as PayPal or one of the many others.

This is not ideal for everyone and can certainly be a reason for some people not to use this. However, you can also see it as premature, since of course you never know how much profit you will make in an online casino.

Recordings of profits of casinos via SMS

As you have already read above, it is unfortunately not possible to receive money through this way. So if you have made profits in the casino, it is necessary that you use a different way to transfer the money to your own account.

This has to do with the fact that your phone provider is not a financial institution. After all, you also have no bank account or something similar to your phone provider. This is the reason that you cannot receive money in this way via your phone.

In addition, you must bear in mind that you often have to deal with a transfer time through the other methods. This can be 24 hours, but also last up to 2 weeks. So make sure that you also read the conditions of this way, so that you can simply pay your bills again on time.


Fortunately, there are more than enough alternatives to pay online and therefore also at online casinos. Since some casinos accept more than 50 different payment methods, we are not going to treat them all. After all, that would already be an article in itself.

Fortunately we have already selected all this for you and we have listed the most common and easiest ways for you. So if you don't have your phone at hand, or if the casino does not accept that, you can always start gambling in an online casino in this way.


IDEAL is the payment method that actually no longer needs an intro in the Australia. It is the method that you probably already use frequently. Even if you send a little to your friends or family this goes via iDeal.

It is therefore no wonder that you will find this system at various online casinos. The biggest disadvantage of this system is that you cannot withdraw money with it. This has the same problem that you have with the SMS deposit system. It is only a method that you are already used to and therefore also very nice to use.


Pay from your bank without leaving your online casino. Registration, registration or credit card details are not necessary. You have to follow some simple steps to deposit money in your online casino at Trustly. It is a direct e-payment via the bank that uses the same 2048-bit RSA coding to ensure that your payments are safe as houses.

It is an attractive payment solution for online casinos because of the safe payments and customer identification that are available and, the online casino chief, the lack of hassle - what registration and the simplicity in the way the payment reflects how you would pay casino with telephone your online bank account .

View a Mastercard

Credit cards are available worldwide and are used very often, making them perfect for online gambling. Customers can easily request a credit card from Visa and Mastercard. Payments that are debited from the credit card can be paid at a later time, giving customers more freedom about their balance. Most card publishers offer customers a deferment period in which they can pay the amount due without extra costs or costs.

You can now make a credit card payment at an online casino and pay it next month. Another advantage is that credit cards are generally accepted at online casinos, especially when it comes to the person issued by Visa and Mastercard for international payments.

Casino to avoid


  • Enormous
  • No live chat and support
  • Long payment

Simba Games

  • Illegal copies
  • No telephone number
  • Long watches


  • Withdrawal problems
  • Bad support
  • Illegal copies of Novomatic games


  • Why use SMS casinos?
    Casinos with SMS payment are a great solution for those who appreciate their time and convenience. It is a safe form of payment that is highly qualified in the rankings of online casinos.

  • Are SMS payments safe?
    Payment by SMS, as well as all other payment methods - whether it concerns card payments, bank transfers or cash payments - entail risks. The safety of mobile payments mainly depends on the user himself.

  • Are there any costs associated with depositing SMS?
    This differs per casino. Some charge a reimbursement (usually no more than 10%), others do not. You can read more about this at the relevant casino where you want to play.

  • How do I deposit at an online casino with a deposit method via SMS?
    It is very easy to make a deposit at the casino via SMS. Select this payment method in your SMS-Casino account and send the generated code via a short SMS message from your mobile phone.