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Everyone has dreamed about winning a big jackpot. And that would of course be great and I wish everyone. But the reality is that almost nobody wins the jackpot. That is of course logical otherwise the casino could not make profits. Yet many people want to take the gamble.

Do you also want to take the gamble, but you don't know where to start then this article is for you. We look here at how you can best choose a casino, what you should pay attention to, which games are good and of course also to bonuses.

In 2022, because of the coronavirus, it is of course not that easy to go to a physical casino, but luckily there are enough choices online and you can gamble well. This can also be completely safe and without problems, as long as you know what to look out for.

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How do we choose the best new online casino?

We at Casino experts help players to find the best casino. The best casino will be different for everyone, because everyone is different. But in general everyone in a number of things wants the same thing. Namely safety and honesty. We let you know what our criteria are. So that you too can find your best casino.


The first thing we always look at is the license. Not every new Australian casino has a license and that is a huge red flag. A license in itself is not difficult to get, but it does guarantee the honesty and safety of a casino. As long as they are correct, a casino can receive a license.

Also what license they have plays a role, the licenses with the most value are those of Malta, the United Kingdom, Gibraltar and Curacao. In that order. If a casino has several of these licenses, then this only plays to their advantage.

Wide choice of games

Of course nobody always wants to play the same games. And with so much choice online, it is also possible to play multiple games every day without ever having to play the same game again. Of course everyone will have his or her favorite games, which is played more than on other games, but variation is always nice.

It is therefore worthwhile to look not only for your favorite games at a potential casino, but also to look at the choice offer. This ensures that you can always play something else in this situation.

Live Support

Of course we hope that you will never need it, but the live support is also very important. Almost everyone once had a customer service conversation where you first had to wait a very long time and then get a global answer that is of no use to you.

This is the same with some online casinos. It is therefore important to do research in advance, so that you will not be faced with unexpected problems. In addition, it is also worth checking which languages they are speaking. Since Australian is not supported at most online casinos.


Every casino game is in favor of the casino in the long term, otherwise casinos could of course not exist. But you do want it to go in an honest way. Unfortunately, there are also online casinos that are so in favor of the casino that you as a player can never actually win.

You naturally want to avoid this type of casino. Therefore, check again whether they have the right licenses, and that they are open and honest about the opportunities of the different games. This is usually clearly indicated on the site if this is the case.

Storting Proces
SSL certificate
Live Support

Advantages and disadvantages to play new online casino

Newer payment methodsUsage errors
New experiencesDon't spell much
Optimized Register

Playing at a new casino online naturally has its advantages and disadvantages. Here we put this out of one for you.

The biggest benefits with a new one Online casino in the Australia are the latest technologies that are available. Not only in the field of easy registration, but of course also the latest payment methods. This ensures that it all goes smoothly and quickly and you can therefore start playing a lot faster.

The newest online casino 2022 also always have a new theme. A casino without a theme is so much that you can no longer get on the market. So also in the field of themes, there is a lot of innovation instead here.

The biggest disadvantage is bugs. At a new online casino you have the chance that not all bugs have been removed from the systems. This ensures that you can sometimes encounter problems. These are usually remedied fairly quickly after it has been reported, but it can stand in the way of pleasure.

Finally, Online Casino often have fewer games new, which can also be a considerable disadvantage for some people. But that doesn't have to be for everyone.

How do you start playing at New Online Casino Australia?

Kies Casino
Deposit money
Choose a game

You now have a basic idea of how you can choose a casino, but what are the next steps? We put this here for you, so that you know exactly what to expect and what you should pay attention to. In these five steps you too can start with online gambling in the Australia.

Kies Website

As we have mentioned a number of times, there are an incredible number of online casinos. The first thing you have to do is choose an online casino. If you have made your choice based on the tips above, you will go to that website and start the next step.

Before you go to the next step, check the chosen casino also at multiple sites that give reviews about this casino. Then you have a good incidence of several parties and then you know exactly what awaits you. So that you can play without headaches.

Register at Casino

If you have chosen the online casino you will arrive at this step. You will have to sign up at almost every online casino. Compare this when entering a normal casino in the Australia, where you have to show your identity.

This is for the casino to make sure that you are old enough to play. And that they have some basic data so that they can help you and also pay out profits to you again. If they don't know who you are, then they can hardly pay out profits on you again.

To deposit

As soon as you have an account at an online casino, you will have to transfer money. This is also comparable to a normal casino in the Australia. You pay money first and then you get tokens in return. With these sheets you can Then start gambling In the different games that the casino has.

You will not receive any sheets online, but your money will be put in a kind of online wallet in the casino. This ensures that you can gamble with this money. From this wallet you can then have your profits paid out again.

Take your bonus

Another advantage of an online casino compared to a normal casino is that you can receive nice bonuses at an online casino. You often get these bonuses automatically with your first deposit and is always a nice extra.

Read the conditions carefully, because each casino has its own conditions and if you do not comply with these conditions, the bonus will be canceled. That will of course not be fun and ultimately everyone wants to get this bonus. Below we will go deeper into the bonuses and the different types that exist.

Choose a game

Then we arrive at the last step before we can start gambling. Choosing a game. Sometimes you can no longer see the forest for the trees with the amount of games that can be found online, but we can guarantee that there is something in between for everyone. Especially in the field of slots there are an incredible number of possibilities and there is something to be found in every theme.

If you have found your game, then click on it and start playing. Let's hope you're lucky and you're going to win.

Bonuses and promotions

Welcome bonus
Free spins
VIP program
No deposit bonus
Daily, weekly and monthly bonuses
Reload bonus

Most online casinos offer bonuses and promotions when registering at the casino. Some then offer even more bonuses. Every casino has its own conditions, which you have to adhere to if you actually want to receive the bonus. So always read this carefully so that you win the bonus.

No deposit bonus

It is a bonus that you will receive when you sign up at a casino. No down payment required

Find a casino from a list, find the person who do not offer a deposit bonus, choose one that you like, click on Bonus (with this step you will be forwarded to the casino registration form), sign up at the casino and finally get one bonus!

No deposit bonus is very rare to find, and they have all bets - a special multiplier of money you have to play to withdraw money at the casino. Most casinos have a deployment of 20x to 50x for a bonus without a deposit.

Free spins

It is a bonus that consists of free spins for slots or for certain slots.

Find a casino frame on the page, find those who offer free spins, choose one that you like, click on Bonus (with this step you will be forwarded to the registration page for casinos). Register at Casino. Choose the payment method that you like, make a deposit and receive free spins!

Casinos usually give free spins to specific slots or slots providers. Most casinos offer free spins with commitment - it means that winning free spins must be used a certain number of times to withdraw your money. Sometimes casinos give free spins without bets, so that you can get your money immediately after your free spins have ended.

VIP programs

A special program that is offered for certain players who spend a lot of money in casinos.

Find a promotion page in your casino, find a VIP program part (note-not all casinos offer this program, search for one of them on our website), read and meet the requirements to activate it.

If you play on high bets (they call it high rollers), casinos will sign you for special programs. Depending on your level or money that you spend in the online casino, the player can be rewarded with a high cashback for every bet (up to 25-30%), weekly / daily bonuses, lotteries with great prizes, such as tickets for cruise ships, football matches , F1 Grand Prix, laptops, iPhones or even cars.

The best new online casino games in the Australia


Every online casino in the Australia has an incredible number of games, most of them have more than a thousand and some still ten times. You can also play almost all games on your mobile devices and that ensures that you can always play it. Here we put the most common games for you.


Slots is the type of games that are the reason for most people that they gamble. It is generally easy to learn and the profits are fast. You quickly know if you have won or lost and you don't have to wait for others.

The majority of the games that you can find online also fall under this type. There is a lock in every theme and there is also a lock in difficulty that suits you. From the classic slot machine to Corona theme you can find and everything in between.


Anyone thinking of a casino thinks of a roulette table. It is perhaps one of the most classic games that you can find in a casino and this is also common in the online casino world. The advantage is that you can choose which version you are playing. Most physical casinos have only one version in their casino, where online casinos have all versions.

If you would like to see the ball rolling and the social aspect that is also with it, then live roulette is ideal for you. Here you have a real dealer who really throws the ball into a roulette wheel.


Blackjack or 21, almost everyone knows it. This is also the game with the greatest chance of winning. That is, if you play ideal. There are plenty of online articles to tell you what the best strategy is to play and these will tell you exactly which cards you should do with.

This is a game where you can win more with skills than with happiness, and it is therefore a favorite for many people to play. Keep in mind that counting cards online is a lot more difficult than in a physical casino.

Game providers in new online casinos Australia

Fortunately, not every casino makes its own games, but independent developers do this. These developers are known for what they do and because of this most online casinos have the same games or at least the most games will be the same. Here we have placed the best and most famous developers for you.


The most popular provider of casino games that can be found in every online casino in the Australia. Slots and table games that are offered by Microgaming are well localized, correctly translated and have a huge variety of bonus rounds, free spins functions and wild / scatter symbols. To find out if your casino has Microgaming games-scroll down to the end of the casino website and search for the Phraze "powered by microgaming" the most popular Novomatic slots that you can find in online casinos are: Lucky Leprechaun, Mermaids Millions, Thunderstruck II. Microgamin has also won more than 10 different prizes and is one of the best developers there is.


The Netent portfolio includes more than 200 games consisting of slots, jackpots, video poker, table games, lottery, live casino, mini games and more. This provider has built up an excellent reputation by developing games with a high RTP and a number of incredible jackpot titles that have changed their lives for some players.

Netent releases 2 to 3 slots a month, giving players something to look forward to. And since Netent is known for their innovation and interesting themes, they always succeed in offering us something completely unique to try out every time.


IGT of International Game Technology, founded in 1951, is certainly one of those big names in the industry that first delivers its services to physical and then to online casinolocations. During its presence in both industries, the company has developed hundreds of exciting game solutions that are distributed to this day through many online and land-based locations.

You will also notice the experience of IGT with all the games you play of them. They are generally nice games and of course these are also completely honest to play. If you see IGT then you don't have to worry.

Most popular payment methods in new online casinos Australia

Click on the Deposit button
Choose Landing Method
Determine the amount of the down payment
Click on depositing
Enjoy casino games

If you want to go gambling then you must of course also have money first. You can't gamble with something you don't have. And please do not guess in debt, nobody is looking forward to that. If you have the money then you have to transfer this to the casino, we have put the most used ways here.


IDEAL has almost everyone already knows. If you have bought something online in the last five years, you will most likely have done this via iDeal. Also known method such as Tikkie uses iDEAL. Fortunately, most online casinos now also realize this and you can also use it as a payment method at most new online casinos iDEAL.

iDEAL has the comment that you cannot take any profits with it, so you have to look for another method for that. But luckily there are more than enough, so you don't have to worry about that.


Trustly uses a so -called temporary account. This ensures that you do not have to make an account at the casino and you only deposit money for the specific time you play. After that you can simply withdraw your money. Via Trustly you can also pay via iDeal or PayPal and you can have money transferred directly to your bank account.

So it has a considerable advantage in this respect. The biggest disadvantage is that you will never be eligible for a VIP program via Trustly, because the casino never receives your data and you therefore do not have an account.

View a Mastercard

An old -fashioned way to deposit or withdraw money in the casino. All casinos presented on our website for Australian players accept every credit card / payment card published by Visa or Mastercard. Casinos support maps with every currency in the world and are converted to EUR or USD according to the exchange rate of your bank. Minimum deposit for credit cards / payment cards from 10 EUR / USD for most casinos. In most cases, payments are almost immediately (up to 1 hour), but according to the official information they can be processed up to 6-8 banking days, depending on your bank.

Customer service at New Online Casinos

The customer service is something you would rather not have with, but sooner or later you will undoubtedly need them once. In most casino new online this can be done by telephone, via a live chat or via e-mail. In some cases it is even possible by post, but this will take the longest. The phone or live chat is often the fastest.

In most cases you can find this on the page. Choose the right language, usually this will be English. Before ing you always first check the frequently asked questions, which usually already answer most questions you can have.

Casino to avoid


  • Enormous
  • No live chat and support
  • Long payment

Simba Games

  • Illegal copies
  • No telephone number
  • Long watches


  • Withdrawal problems
  • Bad support
  • Illegal copies of Novomatic games


  • Are new online casinos safe?
    The new online casinos on this site are safe because we carefully only select reliable casinos with licenses issued from a reliable period.

  • Why are new online casinos so popular?
    New casinos are so popular because they use the latest technology and keep the range of game up-to-date. Many new casinos with more extensive themes also come up to attract the attention of the industry.

  • Which Australian deposit methods should I use?
    You can use any payment option that you find convenient and suitable. First of all, see which banking possibilities there are in the Australia. These include different bank cards, online portfolios, prepaid cards, direct bank transfers and other online banking services.

  • Is it possible to play at a casino from a smartphone?
    Most casinos are compatible with PCs, smartphones and tablets. There are also apps and mobile casinos, so that you can play comfortably and smoothly from your smartphone.